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Sara's Hope - Scholarship Recipients

Providing Scholarships to High School Students since 2003. The Pay It Forward Scholarships are awarded to students who perform random acts of kindness for others in the community.

Pay it Forward Scholarship - 2005 - Serrano High School:

1st  place                     Brandon Kuiper
Runner Up                    Jennifer Klefer
Runner Up                    Bryce Johnson
3rd. Place                     Danielle Gutierrez
Honorable Mention       Jennifer Cannon
Honorable Mention       Elizabeth Bradford   
Honorable Mention       Shannon Varney

Pay it Forward Scholarship - 2004 - Serrando High School:

1st  place                     Keona Fulcher
Runner Up                    Matt Shumaker                      Laurie Patterson
Honorable Mention       Britanny McEwan
Honorable Mention       Mallory Yale
Honorable Mention       Fariania Castro


Pay it Forward Scholarship - 2003 - Serrando High School:

1st  place                    Paul Verduzco
Runner Up                   Jennifer Klefer
Runner Up                   Bryce Johnson
3rd. Place                    Danielle Gutierrez
Honorable Mention      Jennifer Cannon
Honorable Mention      Elizabeth Bradford   


    About Sara's Hope
About Sara

Sara Elizabeth Rojas, a senior at Serrano High School, died in a car accident in 2003...

The Charity

Sara's Hope was formed to carry forward Sara's positive & enthusiastic outlook on life. Sara's Hope was inspired...


Each year students at Serrano H.S., Silverado H.S., and Quail Valley Middle School receive financial awards...
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