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Sara's Hope - Who We Are

Sara’s Hope “It’s a Wonderful World” Charitable Foundation awards college scholarship to students demonstrating random acts of kindness.  Started in 2003, Sara’s Hope has awarded over $125,000 in college scholarships to students throughout the United States.

Based in Victorville, Ca., Sara’s Hope primary mission is to inspire students to consider the value of performing random acts of kindness, enhancing their own lives in the process.

Sara’s Hope primary school sponsored is Serrano High School located in Phelan, Ca , at the foothills of Wrightwood, about 90 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles.  Sara’s Hope offers $5,500 in annual scholarships to any student of the  graduating class of Serrano High School, based solely upon their random act of kindness to any person unknown to them prior to charitable deed.  Grades, nor athletic achievements are not a factor in awarding the scholarships.

In keeping with the spirit of recognizing students for their charitable spirit, Sara’s Hope has extended their scholarship offering to Quail Valley Middle School, located in Baldy Mesa, a feeder school to Serrano High School.  Sara’s Hope has initiated the    Chain Reaction “Pay it forward”            Scholarship, in the spirit of Rachel’s Challenge © .  Rachel was the first student  killed at Columbine High School.  Upon reading her diaries, Rachel’s parents learned of her ambitions to change the world one kind act at a time, essentially creating a Chain Reaction.  Sara’s Hope offers six (6) $500 educational IRA’s to students performing a random act of kindness for a person unknown to them prior to the random act of kindness.

In 2006, Sara’s Hope, recognizing the incredible sacrifices of our United States Military and that of their families, started the American Patriot Freedom Award in partnership with Homefront America (, awarding twenty-five (25) $1,000 college scholarships to college bound dependents of active, retired or injured military personnel.  

In keeping with the spirit of recognizing those charitable youth in our community, Sara’s Hope helped establish The Don Ferrarese Charitable Foundation ( which offers Ten $4,000 college scholarships to students based solely upon their charitable service and dedication to the quality of life.

Sara’s Hope, honoring the lives of  Roland and Maryann Chavez, their sacrifices to their family, and contributions to a better quality of life, established in 2006, the Roland and Maryann Chavez Celebration of Life Scholarship at St. Paul High School, located in Santa Fe Springs, Ca. paying the  full tuition of a student in need.

And, most recently, Sara’s Hope has embraced the charitable spirit of Moses House Ministries (  of Victorville, Ca. 
Moses House Ministries offers support and resources to pregnant women and mothers of children under 5.  In 2007, Moses House Ministries offered much needed resources, counseling, parenting and life skills courses to help to 1,047 women.

This is a Wonderful World.  A world where your vision is the promise of what you will one day be. A world where we are in this together and everything we do or fail to do, has an impact on our families, neighbors and communities.  Sara’s Hope aspires to be a source of inspiration to all of those we can touch.

    About Sara's Hope
  About Sara

Sara Elizabeth Rojas, a senior at Serrano High School, died in a car accident in 2003...

The Charity

Sara's Hope was formed to carry forward Sara's positive & enthusiastic outlook on life. Sara's Hope was inspired...


Each year students at Serrano H.S., Silverado H.S., and Quail Valley Middle School receive financial awards...
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