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About Sara

Sara Elizabeth Rojas was a bubbly, energetic young lady, who touched anyone she came in contact with,  energizing all of those around her with her charismatic charm and sincere love of life.
A senior at Serrano High School in Phelan, Ca (at the base of Wrightwood about 90 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles), Sara died in a single car accident after school and on her way to a basketball game.

Sara, although demonstrating many talents, especially that of  invoking heart-felt emotions with her singing abilities, did not achieve great accolades in her academics or athletics.  Sara was actually awarded her Varsity letter in basketball at her memorial service.  But this did not reflect the person Sara was, nor her abilities and potential to live a fulfilled life.  Sara had many aspirations to go on to college, where she would have no doubt, excelled in an environment that encouraged her  individual strengths and talents.
Sara’s influence and ability to touch other people’s lives was evident when over 1,200 people attended her memorial service. Embracing Sara’s family with the compassion and love that Sara has so often showed others. 

    About Sara's Hope
  About Sara

Sara Elizabeth Rojas, a senior at Serrano High School, died in a car accident in 2003...

The Charity

Sara's Hope was formed to carry forward Sara's positive & enthusiastic outlook on life. Sara's Hope was inspired...


Each year students at Serrano H.S., Silverado H.S., and Quail Valley Middle School receive financial awards...
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